Singapore is a gastronomic paradise, renowned for its diverse culinary offerings that reflect the multicultural tapestry of the city-state. While international cuisines abound, it’s the local snacks from homegrown brands that truly capture the essence of Singapore’s food culture. This article highlights some must-try local snacks singapore that are beloved by residents and visitors alike, showcasing the delicious delights from homegrown brands.

  1. Salted Egg Fish Skin by Irvins: Irvins is famous for its addictive Salted Egg Fish Skin, a delectable combination of crispy fish skin coated in rich salted egg yolk sauce. This savory snack has become a cult favorite, known for its irresistible crunch and bold flavors. Perfect for snacking or as a gift, Irvins’ Salted Egg Fish Skin embodies the essence of Singapore’s love for innovative and indulgent treats.
  2. Kaya Toast by Ya Kun Kaya Toast: No visit to Singapore is complete without indulging in a quintessential local breakfast staple – Kaya Toast. Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a beloved homegrown brand, offers a mouthwatering rendition of this iconic snack. Served with a generous spread of fragrant kaya (coconut jam) and a slab of butter between crispy toasted bread slices, Ya Kun’s Kaya Toast is a comforting treat that evokes nostalgia and warmth.
  3. Bak Kwa by Bee Cheng Hiang: Bak Kwa, or grilled pork jerky, is a perennial favorite during festive seasons in Singapore. Bee Cheng Hiang, a household name in the local snack scene, is renowned for its premium Bak Kwa offerings. Made from high-quality pork marinated in a blend of savory-sweet spices and grilled to perfection, Bee Cheng Hiang’s Bak Kwa delights taste buds with its smoky aroma and tender texture.
  4. Curry Puffs by Old Chang Kee: Old Chang Kee is synonymous with Singapore’s iconic curry puffs – flaky pastry parcels filled with a savory medley of curried potatoes, chicken, and eggs. These handheld delights are perfect for on-the-go snacking and are cherished for their crispy exterior and flavorful fillings. Old Chang Kee’s Curry Puffs embody the spirit of Singapore’s vibrant street food culture, offering a taste of tradition with every bite.


From savory to sweet, local snacks Singapore from homegrown brands offer a tantalizing glimpse into the city-state’s rich culinary heritage. Whether it’s the addictive crunch of Salted Egg Fish Skin from Irvins or the comforting warmth of Kaya Toast from Ya Kun Kaya Toast, each snack embodies the essence of Singapore’s diverse food culture. So, the next time you’re in Singapore, be sure to indulge in these must-try local snacks for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.