Outdoor areas and playgrounds are essential for schools, communities, and public spaces. While open spaces have a charm and appeal that’s hard to miss, it is just as relevant to have sheltered zones for protection against the elements. Park and outdoor shelters are meant to last, but aesthetics elements are just as important. If you want inspiration in Ontario, check Inspire Play park shelters now. In this post, we discuss what it takes to design and install shelters for outdoor spaces.

Choose the right material

Weather aspects, including rain, snow, and sun, can impact the durability of shelters, and therefore, material remains the foremost aspect for choosing shelter designs. Two of the most popular and effective options include fabric shade sail structures and steel. Fabric shade sails feel and look innovative, and more importantly, it could be a great way to add an extra element of visual appeal. On the other hand, all-weather steel-framed designs are great for extensive use and long-term needs.

Choose the right manufacturer/innovation partner

Specialized companies have merit in developing and designing park shelters, and you should choose one that focuses on innovation and can customize their ideas to match your project needs. Check the profile of the design team and consider whether they can address some of the common challenges that are inherent to smaller or asymmetrical spaces.

Choose the spaces accordingly

Play shelters and covered areas must be spaced out in parks and playgrounds. Ensuring there is a “flow” in the design is critical, and therefore, placement is a critical factor. Focus on ground and surface design and check whether the outdoor spaces offer easy access to the sheltered zones. In other words, you don’t want chaos when there is a sudden change in weather.

Work on the budget

The choice of material also depends on your budget. Outdoor shelters, no matter how durable, have a high depreciation factor and will need replacement at some point. There is also a need to focus on the need for repairs and upkeep. Maintenance of playground shelters and playsets is often ignored during the design process. The budget should make room for the evident need for upgrades too.

Final word

Shelters must also represent the theme of the space, and therefore, the color, texture, and finish should be chosen in a bespoke manner. Take your time to choose the right company to develop your park’s sheltered spaces.