Few things can ruin your weekend plans quite like a little bit of rain. Days out at the park, exploring your local area, or even just going outside can be very unappealing when the weather turns against you. When this happens, it’s frustrating both for parents and their children. The question is, how can you turn a rainy weekend into a few days of fun? Keep reading to find out.

Make use of indoor activities

There are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed inside if the weather is less than friendly. Some simple examples include heading to a museum for an educational day out or stopping by a nearby shopping centre. Another idea could be to escape the elements, and the real world, by going to see a movie. With a bit of research online, you’ll be able to find countless weather-friendly activities in your local area. Keep in mind that you won’t be the only family looking to enjoy these activities, so we recommend booking ahead if you can to avoid disappointment.

Use screens to your advantage

Some parents look down on the use of screens, but when the weather isn’t on your side they can be a huge asset. For example, if your children are getting restless because they’re stuck inside, you can help them to relax by showing them some great free kids cartoons. The best part is that these cartoons will not only entertain your children but educate them too!

Create adventures at home

Your home is more than just where you take shelter on a rainy day. It’s a space where you can let your children’s creativity and imagination run wild! For example, you could build a fort in your living room. To do so, simply let your children raid your linen cupboard to get as many pillows, blankets, and towels as they need. Then, let them out their brains to the test to create a formidable fort that they can play in and explore. Another idea could be to play a classic game like hide and seek or to organise a treasure hunt in the various rooms of your house. The only limits are your creativity.

Get cooking as a family

When it’s cold and wet outside, some home-cooked treats will always warm the heart. So stock on some ingredients and get cooking as a family. You could try baking some simple cookies or try your hand at homemade pizzas. Pro tip: pitta breads make a great alternative to pizza bases.

Final Thoughts

Next time the weather turns against you, remember the tips in this blog!